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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Kelly's Send Off Party @ the Fletcher's

Our Families Built on the Rock class at church had a party for Kelly to send him's some pictures from the totally awesome crazy fun time we had....

Emma, Matthew (I'm pretty sure that's his back...), Corbin, and I'm not sure who's face that is behind the date...ooops!

Loren, Patsy, and Frankie just chillin... ( Ryan & Montie are in the background)

Prayer over the the yummy meal!!!

Laying on of hands and praying for safety for Kelly...

One of my favorite times...communion!!....we even share the body of Christ and the blood of Jesus with the littlest of these...Kelly and Mr. Calvin are sharing with Brendan...come taste and see that the Lord is good!!

Kate, Calvin, the Gists in the background...

Stacie, Mandy, Scott, Brad & Summer...

Michael and Tatum

Corbin gives Leah kisses...

Don't you wish you were little enough to have joined the fun in the pool??

"Lord, please keep Candace & the Boys safe while Kelly's gone..."


Corbin says, "Sophia, this is what Buhda's belly looks like..."

Corbin & buds...

Just chillin'...

Candace: "We get to eat at Chili's and go to a movie ALL BY OURSELVES???!!!!....And YALL are paying for it???!!!!!??? Yall ROCK!!"

Trish & Jackson and Jayden

Leah with the amazing rocket...look closely, though, and you'll see a rainbow!!!

It's a bird, it's a's Super Brendan!!

Mandy and Tatum

Jennifer and Jackson

More splashing... are SO BUSTED!!!!
Everyone is praying except for Lee!!

Suzetta, Frankie, Gail, Leah...and Ryan with his back to us...

Sofia swinging

Mr. Calvin doing what he does best. I sure do love that man!

Sofia would not smile for me at Steph told me to tell her to be a monkey or something like, really...I think it was more like "be crazy"...

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