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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Highland Family Retreat

We are headed to South Texas tomorrow for the semi-annual Highland Church of Christ family retreat. This is a weekend in the spring and fall that our family looks forward to. It is a beautiful place on the Frio River at the H.E.B. foundation free camp. It is always a relaxing and rejuvenating time for us. If you've never been to or heard of this organization, here is there web site. It's a wonderful Christian ministry.

We will try to have pictures and a full report up next week when we get back. There is a slight chance of rain in the forecast this weekend, but we are praying for sunshine.

My Sweet Little Angels...

I'm trying my hand at this blogging thing...and as I "post" for the very first time, my sweet little angels (see them in picture above??...don't they LOOK like angels who NEVER hit, fight, scream or irritate eachother??) are fighting (kicking, hitting, screaming, irritating) this is as far as I'll be going with my 1st shot at posting...