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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

70 pounds down!!!!...and update on ME!!

For those of you who've been hounding me about getting some pics put online showing my weight loss, I'm finally doing at least part of your's pics that Kelly took of me 2 days ago...I've currently lost 73 pounds and a ton of's been almost 3 months since I had my gastric bypass...I'm doing better and better every day...there's still a lot that upsets my stomach and my fibromyalgia is the thing that keeps me from being a crazy woman and taking on the world! ha, ha...really, though, I'm still in pain all the time--which I'm hoping will get better as I am able to do more...I don't have any pre-op pics so you can compare what I looked like before...or at least I can't find any quickly...

Take care & be blessed...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Corbin's 1st Day at Sunshine Place!!

Corbin started going to Mother's Day Out at our church this year...he's got great teachers & he's in the Ducks class & LOVING it!! Here's a few from his 1st day...and, yes, he is pretending to be spiderman!

Brendan's 1st Day of Kindergarten!!!

I told you I'm behind in getting things posted!! And this post is serious proof!!!--Brendan's already in his 2nd 6 weeks at school...and he LOVES it!!! We have the most fabulous teacher, Ms. Sutton...God has really watched out for us!

Corbin's 4th Birthday...

Corbin turned 4 recently...and bless his little heart, he's such a 2nd child in that he often gets 2nd picks, less pictures, etc...and it's not like we don't try...but often, he's so much included & involved in Brendan's things that he doesn't get his own later...confused?? Well, this year's bday for him was a good example...since Brendan turned 5 this summer and had a decent party, I just didn't feel like I could pull off one for Corbin so soon after...PLUS, Kelly was having to work crazy all he got for his birthday was a birthday cake (homemade--which he doesn't care if mom or the bakery makes it--he does care that there's cake--and he got to pick it out!), we took him to buy his birthday boots (and didn't even wrap them--buy hey, he got to wear them out of the store!), and then money has been trickling in from various family members and so we've just taken him to pick something out (he's so far gotten a "Spiderman that LIVES on a Motorcycle" (his words, if you can't tell) from Grannie & Pappie, a Larry Boy from Memaw, "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" movie from Aunt Bit)...

Regardless of how ghetto-fabulous it all has been, he enjoyed the cake and I did get a few pics...

Handprint on my...

BACK!! that what you were thinking?? Well, it should be!!! Ha, ha!!!

This summer, when we were at the pool, my precious little Brendan must've come and loved on me with sunblock on his hand...and then I just so happened to get sunburned that day...that's my luck!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

A few more of the Banks Bunch

Here's a few more pics from a previous post...I'm trying to get caught up again...we took a vacation recently and I'm wanting to get those pics posted, but feel like I need to catch up on older pics 1st...