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Monday, July 16, 2007

Abilene State Park....woooweee!!!

We went to the Abilene State Park today as part of our final countdown to Daddy (Kelly) was a lot of, but fun! We hiked, we fished (both kiddos caught one fish each), we played frisbee and ball, we threw the ball for Karter to fetch, we flew a kite, we sweated, we giggled...we just had fun! The kiddos did some funny things (including watching "Karter go poo poo)...and yes, there will be a picture to laugh at!

Hope yall are doing good and you enjoy the pictures!
Love, Hugs, & Blessings,

Kelly was smart and brought ice pops for the boys...unfortunately, they were pretty much melted by the time we got to the park...the boys still enjoyed them, though!

Karter wore himself out pretty good...

It's a bird, it's a, it's the Superman kite finally flying (sorta) high!!

Karter, "shake"...good boy!

I asked Kelly to make a funny face & this is what he did...

This is the superman/batman, etc kite up, up, up in the sky...

I wish the grass felt this good on my body when I'm sweaty!

Daddy throwing the kite up when a little "breeze" blows by (not a very good kite flying day)

And it's up!!! Go, B, go!!

I took a picture just like this a year ago...I need to find it and compare how much they've changed...

Mr. Cheetos Face

"This is my chip--you wanna bite?"

Brendan catches the 1st fish!

Karter just chillin'...he was pretty interested in the fishes, though...

Corbin finally catches a fish...

"oh my, dad, that's pretty nasty"

"I'm bored of this fishing thing..."

This little plant looks sooooo much prettier in the picture--it was actually very ugly in person!

The "pond" at the park is really very beautiful...


Gonna cross the "stream"

Mommy & Corbin

For most of the day, Corbin was afraid to drink from Kelly's camelback...who knows why... But then he finally got brave and tried it and was hooked!

I love these boys!

What a great ride, huh?

One of my favorite things about going to the State Park with the guys is watching them bond...Kelly is such an amazing Father...

Do you know what this is??? It might make you sneeze if you're allergic to it!

Brendan gives it a good sniff...

All this hiking and fishing is making me thirsty!

Ok, here's the poop shot...I'm sorry, but it caught me funny that Corbin stood there and watched him...and made sure we all knew that "Karter taking a poot"...(he often calls taking a poop taking a "poot"...ex: "Mommy, I go poot on the potty!")

The sky was a gorgeous blue with these puffy little clouds!

Look closely and you'll see a B-1 Bomber flying by!

Fathers and Sons....

Well, folks, today was a blast, but I'm pooped....(sorry for the pun)...


Julia Stewart said...

What is it with our military men and their camelpacks? LOL

Loved seeing the photos of you awesome family day.

I have been thinking of you as the time to Kelly's departure grows near.

I hope you know that you can call at any time if you need support!

Miss you !

Flawed & Disorderly said...

I loved the picture of the hug! So sweet. :D