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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

My 1st day with my new camera...

Ok... Kelly let me go ahead and have our anniversary (Sept 15th), birthday (Oct 28th), and Christmas (you SHOULD KNOW THE DATE!!) gift early since he'll be gone anyway...I had bought a new smaller camera so I could send my older camera with him to Qatar...the new one, well, let's just say that it didn't work so great... So I used my a, b & c (get it??) money to get a nice fancier camera...well, i took over 120 pics and of those, these few are the ones that turned out...the other 100+ were blurry---I couldn't get this camera figured out!! I tried EVERYTHING!!! So, after speaking with the sales associate at Circuit City (his name is Korey--I've always liked that name, maybe b/c I had a good "growing up" friend named Corey who was such a nice guy...but switching it to a "K" is really cool...I'll have to put it on my list of favorite names--not b/c we're trying or going to have any more kiddos, but b/c I'm a girl and girls just do things like that)...anywho, Korey suggested I bring it back and so I am... UGH!!! I'm sooo frustrated!!! Anywho, Karter (our dog) was a very good subject, so was our rocking chair and one of my plants--the pictures that did turn out turned out very clear, but 16 pics out of over 100 isn't very good at all...oh foot also did an AMAZING job at being still and smiling when asked..... :) I then played with them in Picassa and this is what I came up with...enjoy!!!! Candace

P.S....I majorly shrunk these pics down so that it wouldn't take forever to upload...the quality printed out is MUCH better...

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