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Monday, August 20, 2007

The Flood...

Here's pictures from the flood on Sunday...the water rose and receded pretty was exciting, but also scary b/c we had no idea how high the water was going to come up...thank the Lord, it didn't rise nearly as much as they thought it would and we got no water in the house...our street is one of the main drainage streets in Abilene so we got a lot of water...

When you look at the pics, you might be surprised to see my little ones swimming in the water...I know... SOOOO GROSS!!!...but I decided to let them have a little fun and make memories (this was before hearing there were fire ants, chemicals, and snakes floating in the water...oops!)...anywho, no one got hurt, they boys had fun, our house and street survived, we're all good...enjoy the pics!! Candace

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The Fletcher Pandilla said...

Too cool....I remember times like that as a kid. They'll love looking back on it.

Glad to visit your blog and hear from Kelly.

The Fletchers