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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Humid desert?

Well I've been here almost 2 weeks now and I'm currently enjoying (sort of) my first day off. We've been busy. I think that's good though, it makes the time go by faster.
The weather here is pretty crazy. It's humid, which you wouldn't normally expect in a desert environment. I work from midnight to noon every day. when I get up and get ready for work it's still pretty hot and starting to get really muggy. By the time I get to work at midnight, the air is as thick as pea soup. The humidity continues to build throughout the early morning until sunrise.
You can sweat just by stepping outside. I have been drenched everyday by my own sweat. Luckily the laundry service is fairly convenient and timely.
I didn't imagine this weather when I was preparing to come over here. I figured the night time would be much cooler than the day. We actually look forward to the sun coming up. Because it's so hot it burns the humidity off pretty fast. By 7 or 8 in the morning it's fairly dry and getting hotter fast. It dries us of too. I can be drenched in my own sweat before sun up and almost completely dry 2 hours after the sun comes up. I know I don't stop perspiring, it just evaporates that quickly.
One thing that doesn't evaporate or disappear quickly is my longing for my family. That's one thing about this day off. It's a needed break physically and mentally, but it leaves a lot of time to think about what I'm missing at home. I believe in what we are doing over here. I know that if we do not fight our enemies here, who attacked us unprovoked, then they will bring the fight back to us. I know that I am where I'm supposed to be, even if I wish I were not. But it's still hard. I miss my wife. I miss my children. I miss my family (immediate, extended, church).
I pray that some good will come from this experience. That I will be test and grow spiritually. That I will come to appreciate my wife and children and family and friends love and friendship more and more. That we can achieve relative peace if only for a short while.

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