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Friday, May 2, 2008

Corbin's in the hospital...

Well, yesterday Corbin got admitted into the hospital for an abscess with cellulitis...which was caused by a staph infection...they went ahead and admitted him so that he could get antibiotics via IV in hopes that it wouldn't get into the bloodstream (or if it had already gotten into the bloodstream, it would take care of it better than oral anti-b's)...he's doing ok so far...they had to drain the abscess today and it was crazy the amount of pus that came out of was at least 2 tbsps--the poor baby screamed through the whole thing (they were planning on brining in a surgeon to do it, but decided to do it themselves--I was not happy at all about that)...anywho, it's over and hopefully we'll get to go home tomorrow...

Thanks to all who have been praying for this little's so scary b/c so many people have died from these staph infections. I'm so thankful that we have good pedi's who weren't willing to take that chance.


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Hayley said...

So sorry I haven't called - glad he's doing better! I'll try to get ahold of yall tomorrow! You are all in our prayers - it stinks for the whole family having a little one in the hospital!!