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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Personal Update-- My Gastric Bypass Surgery f/u

I have been asked more times and I know how to answer "why haven't you posted anything recent on your blog about your surgery???---I want to see pictures!!!---I want details!!"

So, ok, I'll share some details...but no pictures...not yet at's not that I haven't been taking them, I'm just absolutely horrified at how BAD i looked before the surgery and although I look better, I'm just not quite ready to show off my stuff...

So here's the digits:
*** 8 = the number of weeks since my gastric bypass
*** 2 = the number of weeks since my emergency gallbladder surgery
*** 30.25 = the number of inches i have lost over various places on my body
*** 52 = the number of pounds i have lost
*** 193 = my current weight...i never thought this would be a proud day, but it is GREAT to be under 200!!!)
*** 50 = the number of pounds that i'd still like to lose...however, i'd be thrilled to death if i only lost 25 more pounds--my goal is to be about 150-160

I promise that I will post pictures...and I'm getting much more comfortable in my own skin so they should be here before the end of the year..



Hayley said...

Yay! sounds like you're doing great, and you looked great yesterday!

Natasha said...

Wow Candace you're doing so good! I'm so happy for you:) Wish we lived closer so we could get together!!

Natasha said...

Wow Candace, you're doing so good!
I bet you feel great! Wish we lived closer so we could get together!

Bicky said...

hey candance, i did not know you had that procedure done. i hope you are feeling okay and coping with the life change i know it is! my dad had that a few years ago - I know it is a major undertaking in so many different aspects. hope all is well, and i miss seeing you!