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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I've been tagged...six random things...

thanks for the tag, christin!! this was fun!

  1. one of my favorite games to play during recess (during elementary school) was it turns out, kelly and i played this when we were in 1st grade together...who would've thunk-it that we'd be married years later!! (and a little side note--kelly just looked at what i'm typing and told me to not forget to put down that i pulled him off the monkey bars and broke his arm--but then i reminded him that he kicked me with his pointy cowboy boots and my knee is still numb in that spot--once again, this was all during early elementary years--young love!?!)
  2. i've never had a tattoo...although this is something i'm considering doing once i lose all my weight from gastric bypass...i think i've always been too afraid that if i got one tattoo, i'd get addicted to it...but an even bigger fear for me about tattoos is that they might mess up--and what do you do then since it's permanent??
  3. i am deathly afraid of cockroaches...especially the waterbug kind--i just know that those unlucky souls who end up in haites and come face to face with satan look straight into the eyes of a nasty waterbug--yuck-ola!!)
  4. getting my hair cut puts me in a does going to the dentist...i've had sooo many bad haircuts in my life and so many bad dental visits that the whole week before i go to either the beautician or dentist i am a nervous wreck.
  5. my very favorite part of the day is when my sweet boys climb into my lap so that i can "rock them for 5 minutes"....i just love that sweet time of the day--they only want me and they usually tell me sweet things like "i love you, mommy" or "you're so pretty, mommy" or "this is my favorite thing, mommy" makes my heart swell with love and joy.
  6. kelly and i are about to celebrate our 7 year anniversary, but i have to admit that i've developed a love affair over the last year or so... i've been told that my priorities have always been wrong and that i need to get them straight....well, while kelly was deployed, i finally got it right... i need to confess that i'm totally in love with my LORD & SAVIOR...i am a bonafide JESUS freak...and i can't even begin to tell you how great my life has been since i took the burden of being everything to me off of kelly's shoulders and gave it all to HIM...
Thanks again, Christin, for the tag...

I will now tag Natasha Cloutier, Hannah Vickers, Lindsey Cotton, Lisa Adkins, & Hayley Warren.

Love, Hugs & Blessings,

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Shamrock said...

I loved the six random things. Hope teh surgery went well!

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