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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Update on Corbin--Tuesday, February 10, 2009

well, it's tuesday & we're still in the hospital...corbin is still very sick...we still can't get his temperature to stay down. it was a really rough night last night and both of us are we're going to keep him on phenergan all day to hopefully knock him out so he'll rest and let his body heal. they did more labs and another chest xray this morning...and the doctor, after looking at the 3 progressive xrays says that the pneumonia is only in the right lung and that it looks like it might be aspiration pneumonia (which means that while he was intubated during the tonsillectomy or right after something (spit, fluid, food, etc) went down into his lung)...and the antibiotic he's on is the one they give for that type of the same time, she's still not convinced that it's not viral pneumonia (he's not really responding to the antibiotics like he should (the fever's not staying down))...but it also could be that they need to increase the amt of antibiotics--which they will do if his fever doesn't stay down today. she's supposed to come by at lunch and check on him again. so how do i think he's doing? he seems a little better today, but then again, last night when brendan came up to the hospital, he got out of bed (for the 1st time in 3 days) and actually played with his i thought we were turning a corner...but then last night was so rough so it's hard to tell...pneumonia is such a common thing--it's not like it's a rare thing--and it doesn't all mean bad things (brendan had pneumonia a couple years ago and it was no biggie at all)...but i just read on the mayo site that it's the #1 cause of death in children--that's kinda scary... i'm chosing to believe that the GREAT PHYSICIAN can & will heal corbin.

thank you again for all the prayers lifted up on our behalf.


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Ann Hurst said...

Candace-- Gracie and I have been praying for our friend Corbin!
Ann Hurst