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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Update on Corbin--2-12-09

well, we're still up here at the's day 5 and this room is starting to feel like a 2nd home...ha, ha!

corbin's doing better..he still has a fever, however, the fever spikes are getting fewer and fewer...he's still refusing to eat or drink...and in order to be released from the hospital, he has to both be fever free for 24 hours and has to eat and drink enough to sustain we're still here for at least another day or two...

he's had 2 visits from saydee--a sweet yellow labrador therapy dog who we know from brendan's school...that has been a big treat for him! and today he's scheduled to go on a wagon ride through the hospital...he's received a few balloons and stuffed animals and lots of notes (you can log onto hendrick's website and send corbin an email & they'll bring it to's the link: read every single note he gets to him and then we hang it on the wall...he's also gotten a few pictures (which he LOVES)--both hand-made and also poster-type ones...he's so visual and loves to see the spider-man, veggie tales, and iron man hanging on the wall!

as of last night, his breathing treatments are prn (as needed)...and so that's another good thing. he loves the treatments & seems to respond well to them.

so, how do i think he's doing? i think he's getting better, but is still a pretty sick kelly said to me "he doesn't care at all that he has an iv in his arm--if his was feeling good, that thing would be driving him crazy & he'd be fussing about it"... the fact that he's refusing even the things he loves (like icecream) also tells us that he's not feeling good.

it's hard for me to believe that i did it, but i let kelly stay with corbin last night so that i could go home and get some rest (as well as have some time with brendan)...i'm feeling better today which is good. i've been having muscle spasms in my neck & back which cause me to have a bad that's been challenging...

thank you, thank you, thank you for all your prayers and well wishes. thank you for the notes you have sent to us through the hospital, the phone calls, etc. i will keep you posted on corbin's progress.

p.s...we heard the nurses say a few minutes ago that the children's wing is over-flowing and they're having a hard time getting enough nurses to cover...there's a lot of sick kiddos right now with rsv, pneumonia, and even the rotto virus has started up...yuck!

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SanDee said...

Oh candace, Sydnee and I are praying for Corbin every single night. Sydnee will NOT let me forget either. I am so sorry you are all having to go through this and will continue praying for healing and strength for you all. Hang in there!