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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Corbin's Ducks at the Zoo--September 2008

another delinquent post...

corbin goes to mother's day out (sonshine place) at our church...he's in the ducks class this year...back in september '08, they went to the zoo for a's a few pics from that day...

p.s... (corbin WAS NOT in the mood to be at the zoo that day and even less in the mood to have his picture taken...which is why he's pouting in all the pics...oh well!!...just more ammo for me to heckle him about when he gets older, right? ha, ha!

miss jana (far left adult) likes to have a picture made every year with the kiddos pretending to be a flamingo (you can't see the flamingos, but they're standing right in front of the exhibit)...and this is miss sheri's (far right adult) 1st year to both teach with jana and to experience the "flamingo stance"...corbin (who's right in front of miss sheri) was not amused...

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