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Thursday, February 5, 2009

I want my blother...

i did a really dumb thing the other day...i bought the pg rated children's movie "two brothers" the other day (hey, it was cheap ($2.50) and i thought it might keep corbin happy while he is recovering from his surgery tomorrow)...anywho, went ahead and watched it...wait, let me back up, brendan and i sat down to watch it while corbin was napping...i truly thought it was a sweet little movie about 2 tiger cub brothers that got separeted and then reunited...anywho...brendan, my very very very very very creative and imaginative child, quickly saw the resemblance to our family (there was a daddy, a mommy, and two him and corbin...and he even said "that one's corbin and that one's me"...and believe it or not, he could tell which was which (even though they look exactly the same minus eye color))...anywho, shortly after the sweet, playful, loving relationship of the two brothers is established, some people kill the daddy (oh no--i should've stopped the movie right there) and the mommy takes just one of the cubs with her and leaves the other (and brendan knew that it was his "character" that got left behind)....he immediately screams "don't leave me, mommy!!!" and then proceeds to cry...and i don't mean a little tear or was big-time weaping...and continued on & on and on!!! i honestly have never seen him this upset!! so what do i do?? i comfort him, tell him it's going to be ok, that the brothers will see each other again--here, let me fast fwd the dvd and get to that part--and all to no 15 minutes later--with huge tears still flowing, he finally says "i want my blother!!" and so i told him he could go wake up corbin...brendan procedes to go to corbin (who's sound asleep in his bed) and crawl into bed with him---and still the tears don't stop...we hug and love on each other and this continues on & on for another 20 i sit them down on the couch to turn on another (happier) movie---thinking it would make everything better...which, after another 20 minutes or so, brendan did finally stop crying...however, an hour later, they were still wrapped in eachother's arms on the, me, being a photographer, just had to get a few pictures...the picture really doesn't do justice for both how sweet it was and also how incredibly red brendan's eyes were...

i have to say that with all the fighting that goes on between these two, there is no question in my mind that there is a lot of love also...what a sweet blessing and treat for me to see!! thank you, JESUS!!

blessings to you,

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Hayley said...

That is so sad and sweet! Thanks for the heads up on a not-so-good movie!