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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Pure Sweetness...

I know I may be a little biased, but my 3 year old, Corbin is absolutely positively pure sweetness... He really is, especially if you compare him to my rough & tumble 120% all-testosterone-filled 4 year old, Brendan...but us mothers aren't supposed to compare our children, right?

I love them both for so many reasons, but I'd like to brag on little Corbin for a minute...this precious little boy, the only of the 5 babies that my body didn't not starve off, came into this world as a pure miracle...and one of the things that Kelly & I hoped he'd get from us is our love of dancing...and I tell you what, he's got more rhythm in his little tapping toe than a lot of us white folks have in a lifetime...he LOVES to dance and sing and play his guitar!!! I have to tell you, though, he's a hard one to catch on camera...and that's sayin' a lot b/c those who know me know that I almost always have it out! Anywho, I was able to catch these the other day and although they're similar, I just couldn't pick a favorite...can you??





Abilene, Texas said...
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Cotton Photography said...

so cute, future rockstar! I personally love the first one, it has "pure sweetness" written all over his face:)

Olivia said...

Very sweet photos. It was so weird that you commented. I have been wondering how you are for days. I should have called as well. I just thought maybe you were very busy...and it looks like you have! Beautiful work. And yes, Bug Man is my favorite. He does pretty well. I may call and see who you use. I love you lots. Talk to you soon.

Anonymous said...

hi candace!
I love love your pictures!!
I'd like to get w/you about taking some pics of my girls, & me & my kids.
are you booking now?.......
I can see everything's seems better for you and your family!
God is Good!
I love reading your blog!
happy spring break!
love ya

Natasha said...

Very precious pics Candace! I hope things are going well for you guys. I bet it is so nice having Kelly home!