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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Feeling Festive (and a new doo to boot!!)

Brendan has been begging me to put up the Christmas tree...but, of course, it's so early...I mean, Thanksgiving hasn't even come or, it's been 80 or more degrees......... But on the other hand, the sooner we get to Christmas, the sooner Kelly (aka Daddy) gets to come since the weather was only in the 60's yesterday, I gave I hope you're feeling festive...and if not, just don't look at the Christmas trees...ha, ha!

Oh yeah...I also cut both of the boys' hair last night after decorating the kinda looks like a military cut, but I was going for a fohawk (once the sides grow out a little)...anywho, it was the 1st time we've ever shaved Corbin's hair all the way down...they both look cute, but man, Corbin has a huge nugget...enjoy!


The Hills said...

Your boys are to cute. I love their new hair cut. Kaden does not sit still long enough for me to do his, but for anyone else it is a different story. have a great day!!!

Jenny Wilkinson said...

I am impressed with the trees. Makes me want to get all my Christmas stuff out. We miss you in class.

Jeanette said...

Christmas is so much fun. I love your trees the boys did a great job. There hair cuts turned out cute

lisajo said...

they are getting so big. sorry we didn't get a chance to catch up at trunk-or-treat. i am totally jealous of your x-mas trees. i'm not nearly as on top of things as you!