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Thursday, July 3, 2008

23 pounds down....

yep, folks, you read it right...only ONE week after my gastric bypass surgery
i have already lost
23 pounds!!!!!!!!!!

are you freaking like i'm freaking!?! i can hardly believe it!!! now, do i look 23 pounds thinner?? well, my tummy is a bit less poochy (which if you know me even a little, you'd probably notice), but for me, the biggest place i see it other than my tummy are my calves & ankles have NO EXCESS water weight...i mean NONE!!!--this may sound crazy, but for years, i've always been able to poke at my shin-bone and make some sort of edema crater...yuck!!!

my lovely weight loss surgery binder that my FANTASTIC surgeon gave me said that the 1st week's weight loss should be anywhere from 5-25 pounds...crazy, huh? plus, they should've weighed me in the hospital b/c me & my iv DID NOT get along & all the fluid stayed in my body (called 3rd spacing) instead of being peed out--NOT GOOD--painful, uncomfortable, and very ugly!!!

so, this may scare some of you, but i will post pics...probably not quite yet--not until i have something to show for it...well, maybe a few hospital pics...

but in the meantime, know that i'm doing well, i am blessed, and am so thankful for you, my friends & family!!!

love, hugs, & blessings,
p.s...forgot the neck update: i went and got a 1.5 hour massage yesterday---no today i went to the chiro--it has helped a little, but he said that the place i'm hurting IS NOT where the ruptured discs already are....sooooooo....i go on monday to my pcm to request an mri on my upper thoracic vertebra...NOT exciting at all...but something that is necessary--as of now, we don't know how bad or what damage there is--but the chiro said i definitely shouldn't be in this much pain and shouldn't have the symptoms i'm having.....ugh!!!! here goes life!!!

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