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Sunday, June 29, 2008

This makes me feel happy...where is matt...

a friend & fellow photog, Kristen Bednardz, posted a link on her blog...and out of curiosity, i went and checked it out...and all i can say is...

dude, i can't even begin to tell you how happy i felt while watching this...not sure why, maybe it's b/c i feel so good when i'm dancing...and i just can't help but think about how when we dance & praise the LORD, he must have that same giddy, so-full-of-happiness-i-might-burst feeling, too!'s the link to where is matt--i hope that it makes you feel all happy & giddy inside like it did is exactly what the dr ordered as i'm recovering from my surgery!

also, for those of you wandering, i'm doing pretty good post-op...the surgery lasted 1 hour & 45 minutes...and the dr said that the procedure was text-book...i have really done sooooo much better than i thought!! and i know it must have something to do with all the prayers lifted up on my behalf! the only unbearable pain i've really had is that from my neck--which was bothering me before i went into surgery--i have 2 ruptured discs in my neck that i've tried to have fixed, but nothing has worked so far--but then again, they have never hurt this bad, either...and it really hurts BAD-- it feels like a knife sticking in that part of my neck & then travels down my back & left arm--and it does it when i do something as little as talk--weird, huh? i'm hoping that maybe some of the weight loss will help it get the meantime, that seems to be the only thing i have to take pain meds for which is a blessing & miracle in itself!!!

love, hugs & blessings to you, my friends & family!
and thanks again for all the support during my surgery & recovery!



Drew said...

I'm glad the surgery went well! But I'm really sorry you're still in pain. :(

Karyl said...

Awesome news on the surgery, Candace, and I hope your neck starts feeling better soon!

Hayley said...

Glad all is mostly well - I haven't wanted to call in case you were resting - I keep checking here for more updates! When are you going to be ready to head to the pool? Been missing you!