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Monday, June 18, 2007

What we've been up to...

I've always known they were precious, but now you can see it, too! ;)

This is Karter, our lab...

Karter LOVES to play ball...he so far only knows 3 tricks: sit, shake, and down...

One of the things the boys love to do is get in Daddy's truck & play...

Ok, these next 3 are kinda gross so let me explain...we pulled up the concrete pad that our old A/C unit was sitting on...and there was this humongous earth worm below it! I've never seen one so big!!! It measured out to be about 10" and was almost as big around as my pinkie! It lasted longer than I thought it would...maybe 30 minutes before Brendan pulled it apart into 4 equal pieces!! Ha!

Brendan thinks it's fun to pull Karter's tail

Corbin's learning how to pose better

This picture was taken to put in the Daddy book...the boys love to help mow the yard...

Daddy & Brendan on the trampoline

Kelly chases Corbin on the trampoline...

Another picture of Karter...

I took this in my friend, Leah's back yard

I wonder what B wished for???....

Uncle BJ blows us bubbles...

Cousin Kayla in the pool....

That's a big jump, Corbin! (his words, not mine)

Kelly finally breaks the pinata

Thank you Aunti O & Cousin Kayla for the bow & arrow set!!!

Grannie & Cousin Kayla

Corbin & Pappie

Brendan says "I'm 4!!"

Corbin, Cousin Kayla, Brendan

Look at Brendan fly!!!

I have no idea what they're looking at, but aren't they cute!?!

I took this on Hwy 183 going from Abilene to Round Rock

Corbin & Brendan sleeping at Grannie & Pappie's house.

My Aunt Lu (my Mom's sister), Memaw (their mom), and my Mom

Wendy Gist, and the twins (Andrew & Ann Marie)

Grandma T kissing Uncle BJ (Kelly's mom & Brother)

This is the swing that we bought for B for his 4th birthday

Auntie O & Cousin Kayla

Candace, and her sisters, Britani (Bubba) and Opal (Oplet)

Kelly & his dad

Aunt Bit & Uncle Brian

Kelly bathes the boys

John, Jennifer, & David Waterhouse

And if those weren't enough,
Here's the link to the rest of the pictures I've taken over the past month:

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lisajo said...

Such sweet pictures! I kept checking your blog when you said they were up, but I never could see them until today. See you tomorrow!